The Estate is set into the enchanting winegrowing environment of Bolgheri. Where the perfect combination of Mediterranenan climate and limestone_clay soils has created a terroir ideal for yielding world-class wines.



In the early 2000s, Franco Ziliani, owner of the Guido Berlucchi winery and pioneer-creator in the early 1960s of Classic Method sparkling wines in the Franciacorta growing area, took up the challenge of putting down roots in the newly-emerging Bolgheri area in coastal Tuscany, with the goal of joining the ranks of truly world-class red wines. The estate comprises about 30 hectares overall, of which 23 are planted to vineyard, divided into four crus: San Biagio, Le Grottine, Cantina, and Le Bozze. Caccia al Piano adheres to a winemaking philosophy that strives to both showcase the characteristics of its four crus and to produce a distinctive blend of the vineyards.


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