Find out how to visit the farms

Give yourself some time, deepen your knowledge, you are in the right place…

The Etruscan Coast offers you many possibilities for farms tours: wine, oil, honey, wheat and even chill producers are waiting for you to welcome you and guide you in understanding their work. Do you want to visit a Bolgheri DOC winery, one in the Val di Cornia, in Montescudaio or Riparbella, or a oil mill but you do not know which one to choose?

You can fill out the form with your requests we will answer and suggest you the most appropriate and suitable offers for your needs with prices, timetables and all the details you need. Winery tours, walks in the vineyards and tasting of wine, bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil, tasty local cured meats, cheeses and much more, await you.

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