In 1994 Fulvio Martini brought back to life an abandoned property in an enchanted location on the Tuscan coast. The uncultivated land has been planted with olive orchards, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub – while the ruins of the old farm house have been tastefully restored into a boutique hotel.



The Fortulla Estate is a natural paradise of gorgeous Mediterranean scrubland, where you can see the patient work of the soil and its fruits. Fortulla is situated in an area that has been recognized as “site of national interest” due to its precious bio-diversity, thanks to the Bioitaly project undertaken in compliance with the EEC Habitat Directives. In our area we have, just to give an example, 35 different species of birds and in spring the blossoms of several indigenous shrubs.
The estate is comprised of 110 hectares, including seven hectares of vineyard, five with red grapes and two with white grapes. The olive grove is five hectares. The vineyard planted with red grapes is between 180 and 230 meters above sea level, facing west-southwest. The white grape vineyard is 300 meters above sea level, facing south.The soils. The vineyard soil is of medium texture with fine gravel, clay and gabbro. This texture is particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines due to its effect on drainage. The water regulation provided by the gravel, and the numerous micro-elements in the clays and soil, not least the high content of potassium and of soluble phosphorus, are well suited for a vineyard.
Organic: The whole farm is organic and certified by the CCPB (one of the largest certification and control bodies for organic food products, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable). After a three year conversion period, all our products have been certified organic since 2014.Our corporate philosophy embraces organic practices because we are convinced that this is the path of the future. Starting with the preparation of the soil, our work has been carried out in the respect of organic principles, including planting our cuttings by hand. Being organic reflects our way of thinking, defines the identity of our wines and sets us apart.
In the respect of nature’s bounty, all recyclable water is purified and re-used for irrigation; electricity and heating come from the energy of the sun. Our commitment to this respectful balance is reflected in the organic path that we have undertaken.


Our winery offers the following services:
- sales of our organic products, namely white wines, rosè wines, red wines, grappa and olive oil.
- guided tours
- guided tastings of wines and olive oils
- restaurant
- boutique hotel

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