Founded in 1937 by the Serni’s Family, L’Antico Frantoio di Segalari is located between the hills of Castagneto Carducci, it is surrounded by the Tuscan landscape, and is very close to the old village and only a few kilometers from the Bolgheri Castle. Since the beginning, the company has been ruled by the Serni’s family following with diligence and passion the local Tuscanian traditions. The company even now is run by the Serni’s family starting off with the founder Attilio Serni continuing with his son Fabrizio and his nephew Marco. The family nowadays own over 5000 olive trees scattered over the Tuscany’s hills, geographically ideal for their growth. Maintaining our ancient tradition, every we advance our technologies in order to have a better quality of oil,

processing our olive oil with some of the most advanced machinery kept in the site producing a really high quality of extra virgin olive oil.



The ultimate result is the birth of an exceptional extra virgin oil made up of these 4 types of olive:
-Leccio del corno
In turn this works well towards it being suitable for all sorts of cuisines.
Olive harvest: october - november
harvest method: by hands and electric rakes
Processing: within 2 hours from the harvest
Cultivar: Moraiolo 40% - Frantoio 40% - Leccino 10% - Leccio del corno 10%
-Filtered; bright and clean green
-Crud: dark matt green

-Filtered: lightly bitter, very delicate on the palate, medium spiciness, intense fruity aroma
-curd: medium bitterness, very enveloping on the palate, slight spiciness, intense fruity aroma.
Our company also has a farm holidays, where you can enjoy peaches, plums, apricots and vegetables produced by our farm. Moreover it is possible to stay during your holidays in a place of absolute relax and carefree all immersed in the Tuscan countryside.


Production of extra virgin olive oil, agritourism and restaurant.

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