Podere Sapaio was born in 1999 in Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri, from the will of Massimo Piccin, a Venetian engineer moved by a grand passion for wine. A courageous and visionary choice: invest in a property in Bolgheri, where there was already a small farm, managed by sharecropping of principally arable lands, with few rows of vines. An example of how a great passion can bring about the realization of a prestigious project with the intent to grow and pursue excellence in an unparalleled territory home of a grape designation celebrated all over the world.



Today, the winery boasts 26 hectares of vineyards and the production of two labels: Sapaio and Volpolo. At Podere Sapaio respect for the land translates to a sustainable approach. Innovation and passion are the two fundamental principles of Sapaio’s winemaking philosophy, coupled with careful use of technology, without forgetting the importance of preserving traditions: values not in contrast, but in synergy. The crown. Sapaio’s logo is not just the identity of the winery itself, but a tribute to the nobility of wine and the valuable work of winemakers in the vineyard and the cellar. A logo that is at once evocative of creativity and sublime elegance, delineating our two labels. There is no concept of cru at Podere Sapaio. Instead, we approach our blends with the mind of artisans, parcelling the various components so that each vintage is the vine grower’s unique interpretation of the characteristics. They do not construct the wine in a broad sense but instead decode the vintage in an attempt to fully grasp the qualities and traits distinctive of each year and create a wine that expresses its best character. It begins with the separate fermentation (spontaneous, without the use of selected yeasts, in 80/100 hectolitre steel tanks) to achieve a precise blend of fruits that will showcase the carefully evaluated characteristics.
Volpolo’s blend is made of the same percentage each year, while Sapaio is less rigid: each year varies based on the peculiarities of the vintage. Organic management of the vines is certified as of the 2017 vintage.


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