It is a bond of love and passion that our family has had with this territory, over the centuries and generations. We adore its sweet and soft aspect because it gives us meaning and because it represents us.

It all started during the 1600s with the Gardini family who educated us with regards to the strong concept of a family forever united and linked to its own land, never divided, always merged in choices and life-long projects. Generations of farmers, masters and artisans have made our business great: relationships, beautiful and intricate plots where true friendships have grown up between rulers and nurses, land owners and stable boys, with the old sense of respectful affection.



Our grandmother, the last descendant of the Gardini family, married Rossi Ciampolini, a handsome and proud owner of copper and alabaster quarries. Their lives weren’t easy and were marked by mourning and sacrifice, but they continued to pursue the values, roots and ideals handed down to them.
And here we are, the last of the heirs, grateful for what we have received not only in earth or stones, but for our own history. We have been preceded by strong choices in love and we live these choices, we still share them every day and continue to do so.
Here the culture of hospitality and landscape are indispensable values.
You’re welcome.


Our products: Oil, Honey, Beer, Wine, Pasta, Flours from ancient grains
- Direct sales of our products
- Possibility of overnight stay
- Possibility of having meals: ONLY FOR INTERNAL GUESTS

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