Winery founded in 1954 by Emilio Fuselli in Bolgheri.
Craftsmanship, Passion, Territory and quality research is what allows the Fuselli family to make its wines unique and refined.



Our story starts in 1954, when Emilio Fuselli (Maurizio's grandfather, originally from Marche Region) purchased a piece of land from the “Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta” to grow vegetables and grains. Emilio planted the first vines to make wine for the family consumption.
After Emilio, his son Aldo in 1975 continued growing vegetables, teaching his two sons Maurizio and Giancarlo how to care for plants, passing to them a devotion and great passion for this world. Maurizio, his firstborn, gained knowledgeable and skilled farmer reputation and being well-known in the area, he was called to work for Guado al Tasso Estate (at that time Belvedere Estate), by Antinori. Here, Maurizio learned and experienced a lot about wine making and quickly became responsible for the full wine production, from vineyard management till the wine bottling, holding the post for ten years.
In 1996 wishing for a new and all his personal venture, Maurizio took over his father lands, renovating the existing vineyards and planting new ones in 1998, maintaining the vegetables business at the same time, to self-finance the project.

And here, his dream became true, setting up Terre del Marchesato wine Company and building the cellar in 2003.
Maurizio, in his own personal challenge, has always focused on varietal wines, for his most prestigious production: Papeo 100% Vermentino, Tarabuso 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Aldone 100% Merlot or Maurizio Fuselli 100% Petit Verdot. We can state that Terre del Marchesato is a company that «dares»; varietal wines are tough, challenging, they are pure and cannot be improved like in blending. Making varietal wines requires the best primary product and greatest «experience».
Terre del Marchesato is the Winery with the perfect combination between innovation and tradition.


- Wine Cellar
- Production of wine, oil and spirits
- Winery visits and wine tastings
- Agriturismo

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